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1. Measuring Your Solar Window Screens

Solar screens are very easy to measure. 1st you need a measuring tape, a pad of paper and a pencil. Maybe a ladder.

All screens should be measured to the 1/8, 1/4, 3/8/, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 or 7/8 increments
(example 60 5/8)

Solar screens cover the glass area of your window. The ideal measurement for the screens would be the exact measurement of your outside window frame.

These are two common examples:

Example 1: The window frame is flush with outside allowing you to measure from frame to frame easily (if its a little bigger it wont hurt).

  • A) Measure the width (side to side)
  • B) Measure the height (top to bottom)
  • C) The center grid does not have to be measured because it is fully adjustable(just let us now how many horizontal and vertical grids. The picture has 1 horizontal grid.)

Example 2: The complete window and frame is recessed into a pop out structure of the house making the measurement a little more critical (You don't want it to big because it might not fit properly inside the pop out area. Note: It's ok to make it smaller).

It's best to measure in three places. Top, middle and bottom and take the smallest of the 3 measurements.

  • A) Take the smallest measurement of the width (side to side)
  • B) Take the smallest measurement of the height (top to bottom)
  • C) The center brace does not have to be measured (just let us now if its vertical or horizontal)

Note: in some cases you can make the screen bigger to fit on the out side of the pop out (it will create a greater distance between the screen and the glass area but that will not change its affectiveness.

Other measuring ideas...
You can measure anything for solar screens. Windows, sliding glass doors, glass block windows, patio panels, porch panels, motor home windows, swamp cooler panels, air conditioner panels, etc...

Installing Solar Screens

Solar screens are easy to install. Just place screen over frame area and drill into wall with screws and turn bolts provided.

Here is an example:

1) this screen has been installed with the turn clips into a stucco surface.
2) this screen has been installed with the turn clips into the metal frame of the window.

Note: Be careful when screwing into the metal frame itself. Make sure you keep enough clearance from the glass. At least 1/2 inch from the glass surface.

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