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We have ben providing custom solar screens and shades since 1987. We decided to bring our most popular products online. Solar screens, patio shades and skylight shades mount on the exterior and can be retractable or stationary. These energy saving shades provide excellent visibility while blocking up to 100% of the heat before it reaches the window surface. Solar screens have many benefits, especially for homeowners wishing to save on their utility bills.

Just what are solar screens?

solar screens

Solar Screens block heat!
Solar Screens are exterior mounted window screens that shade your window and glass area. Because your window glass conducts heat similar to a magnifying glass. These solar shades block the sun rays before it contacts the glass surface.

Because of this type of shading, they are seven times more powerful than any other interior window treatment, including tint, blinds, shutters and drapes. They are so powerful that they were even first designed as an effective way to stop plants from fading in glass green houses.

But Solar screens do more than just block the summer's intense hot heat!
They also help keep the heat from escaping during the winter colder months. They insulate your windows from the cold winter drafts. They can even reduce heating bills by up to 15%, proving to be energy efficient all year long.

Solar screens can be effective on all glass areas of the home, regardless if the window location is in direct sunlight or not. By installing solar screens all around the home it will maximize your utility savings and help your interior temperature remain the same. Eliminating the hot and cold spots that you can get.

Solar screens add beauty and provide privacy.
Solar screens are visually pleasing and add beauty to your home. They come in a variety of decorative colors and styles. They provide privacy and security allowing you to keep interior window treatments open as you normally would want them. They allow pleasant light and breezes to come into the house while maintaining excellent outward visibility and added security.

They eliminate fading and sun rot.
They eliminate the UV rays that can cause sun rot and fading to your carpet, upholstery, drapes and other interior furnishings.

They are stronger than bug screens.
Solar screens are stronger than your existing bug screens. They allow great ventilation and block even the tiniest of insects from intruding your home. Our guarantee protects these screens against pet clawing, tears and scratches.

Referrals are the back bone of our company.
After you witness the benefits of solar screens first hand, you will see why most previous customers make installing solar screens one of their first priorities when moving into a new home. In addition to solar screens paying for themselves with utility savings, they will also increase the value of your home as well.

Fun Fact's

Did you know?

That new home builders are required to increase the tonnage of air-conditioning by 1 ton for every 100 square feet of glass that's on a homes surface. Since most new homes are averaging about 300 sq ft of window glass. That's an extra 3 tons of air-conditioning that is required by code because of the insulation lost from the window glass area.

A full package of solar screens can cut your utility spending's by 40%.

That some states offer a rebate for installing a complete solar screen package.

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